What Is The Cost of VDI?

3/16/2015 • by Josh Topolski

If we are honest, the basis of our technological venture decisions are often based a ROI platform. “Will this endeavor save us money?” We ask. Sadly, many are ill-informed when it comes to the real short and long-term costs of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).

There’s this overwhelming weight that stops many called: initial cost, without a lot of long-term consideration. We can assure you that the VDI you learned about a few years back, has been wholly altered and yes, the prices have been reduced. VDI is worth a second look.

VDI Costs Are Decreasing

Contrary to popular belief, the VDI costs associated with switching from a PC rich environment are actually on the down slope. This is due in most part to the excellent manufacturers placing their own ideas in to the ring. Businesses like Microsoft and NVIDIA are getting actively involved in VDI design and thereby increasing quality, while making costs more accessible.

Physical Desktop Costs

When truly considering the switch, it’s important to note that 30-40% of your budget is being spent on IT support for the tons ‘of computers you’ve got on site. In addition, those same space hogs require refreshing every 3 to 5 years; that’s repetitive expenditure!

If we take those costs a step further, you’re looking at nearly $90 per user every month! That’s a whopping $1080 shelled out for every PC user, every year! Sadly, most business owners don’t map out these PC costs in their budgets and yet are extremely focused on the first year of their VDI investment.

VDI Cost Overview

Due to the reluctance in business owners to reconsider their previous VDI cost understandings, it will be helpful to give you a cost overview. It’s important to us to provide you with all the information necessary so that you can make a more up-to-date and beneficial decision.

• CAPEX costs – CAPEX costs may seem expensive due to additional essential purchases, but really, they are no different than the physical desktop refreshes in which you (and your customers) are used to investing.
• 2-3 year decrease in costs - Initially, it may seem that your CAPEX costs are more than the PC investments. However, if you’ll hold steady, you’ll see dramatic expenditure declines as the years go on. You’ll note that the $90 you were spending on every user, every month, could end up at $30 by the third year!
• Value based approach – When you are thinking about ownership, ultimately, don’t focus so much on initial output but on residual cost deductions. Think of it as being able to provide desktops that are no more costly than a cup of coffee and cell-phone service when looking at cost per user-per day!

Increased ROI on investment

It’s important to understand that while the cost reduction/savings are significant and tangible, there are other benefits to initiating VDI. There will be increased user productivity, decreased IT budgeted necessities, better compliance and security controls, and a solution your customer needs and wants. Don’t forget, there are financing models that will make this endeavor all the more possible!

In Summation

VDI need not be just a three letter word (acronym) in your vocabulary any more. There are quantifiable benefits to utilizing this up and coming technology. Don’t let the initial costs scare you as you’ll note that the savings in time and money, as well as the added productivity, will supersede any monetary output. VDI is worth every penny!

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