Measuring the Business Value of VMware Horizon View

2/26/2015 • by Josh Topolski

Yes, centralized virtual desktops are known to save companies money, but how much value do they really bring? The shocking truth is that some research is pointing to a 300% return on investment (ROI)! In fact, we’d like to share that research with you for the sake of making an educated decision on your own move toward VMware Horizon View and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).

IDC CVD Analysis Findings Summary
IDC, known as, “the premiere global market intelligence firm,” performed this study to analyze organizations that had employed VDI and VMware Horizon View. They discovered, through the use of surveys and net present value (NPV) calculations, that businesses utilizing this technology, experience a significant gain in business value and as mentioned previously, a 300% ROI.

The results continue to astound as research revealed that initial costs of investment were recovered within eight months. Also, thanks to lowered staff and device costs, along with improved productivity, businesses were seeing savings of a $1000+ yearly, for every user! On a more technical level, VMware Horizon View enabled companies to address multiple devices and connect with the BYOD (bring your own device) trends of today.

Sources of Savings 
Savings are more readily realized by those organizations that have higher numbers of users needing to have simultaneous access to company based applications. Thus, VMware Horizon View offers substantially improved operational efficiency due in most part due to the fact that PCs have limited life expectancies. There are constant maintenance and upgrading issues that must be handled and that’s money out the window, regularly. VDIs allow tasks to be more effectively completed.

VDIs also provide improved control over company data and the users accessing and utilizing it. Centralized storage provided by VDIs helps you adhere to government regulations and keep an eye on all your secure data. They also enable remote employees and end users access to the company desktop and applications needed for daily business operations.

PC vs. VM Horizon View Costs per user Comparison
Desktop PC environments utilize more human IT resources, thereby increasing payroll costs. However, VMware Horizon View can offer significant savings in three of those arenas:

  • Administration costs- These make up the bulk of IT time usage (and monetary expenditures). The administrative aspects of your business’ technology base manage data, test applications, handle desktop imaging and configure hardware. This study showed that with VMware, one administrator could go from managing 207 PC’s to 400!
  • Help Desk Costs- VMware allows for quicker resolutions by reducing help desk calls. Since this is traditionally an area of wastefulness and irritation for IT professionals, less calls will reduce your labor costs by 66%!
  • Installation Costs- This is where we see time as a severely wasted resource. Yet, with VMware, labor costs associated therein were reduced 74%!

Looking at the Big Picture: VMware Horizon View Saves You Money
If you’re looking for a way to cut costs, improve productivity and have a more efficiently functioning business, VMware Horizon View will save you money. IDC surveyed a number of IT professionals and measured their savings using a three step process that ultimately revealed $1000s saved every year. We’d love to hear about your experience with VMware Horizon View and VDI. Please leave us a comment below!

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