Measuring the Business Value of VMware Horizon View - Part 2

2/13/2015 • by Josh Topolski

The goal of any business is to make money. One key method in which to do so, is lowering costs. As simple as the thought may be, many of us are wasting valuable financial resources because we are uninformed.

VMware Horizon View has significant financial impact when businesses utilize its resources. Thus, we’d like to share those resources and impacts with you so that you can make an educated decision for the well-being of your company.

13 Reasons VMware Horizon View is a Good Choice for Your Business

Surely we don’t really need reasons to save money. However, since most of us have a certain level of ingrained cynicism, it’s probably not a bad idea to investigate the truth about companies claiming to provide cost reducing services. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 13 reasons you should consider VMware Horizon View as your VDI. Here they are:

  1. Cost per User Comparison: Less IT staff, and less devices, equated with a $665 a year savings per person. This is coupled with an additional $381 savings per user (each year) due to increased productivity.
  2. Cost Savings Comparison: Research shows that there’s a 300% ROI with VMware Horizon View.
  3. Effects on Desktop Management and Support Labor Tasks: Install labor costs are completely eliminated here and the other IT labor costs are significantly reduced. Time invested in management is sharply diminished and that’s directly correlated to more money in pocket.
  4. Providing desk-side service for users: Thanks to centralized access, patching and deploying applications can be done remotely, saving your IT guys a lot of travel time.This will come out to a 68% reduction in labor costs.
  5. Desktop imaging/reimaging: With fewer images necessary, they can all be sent out without having to visit individual machines and save you 67% in labor costs.
  6. Hardware configuration: Hardware is easier to maintain because there are fewer machines running fewer applications creating a 67% reduction.
  7. Providing help desk support for users: While software issues remain the same, reinstall based hardware issues can now be done in a few minutes rather than hours. That means a 66% reduction in labor costs.
  8. Deploying applications:All applications are given an MSI and saved on a remote server that can then utilize a command file to copy the information to all your machines at once! While this is only a 58% reduction, that’s still hugely significant.
  9. Security management of data or access: All the PCs you’ve got can be accessed at every waking moment by your IT peoplewho can then push out patches whenever and wherever necessary. That’ll provide you a 48% reduction in labor costs.
  10. Patching, upgrading, and supporting applications: The beauty of centrality here is that IT staff will not have to visit individual PCs.This is a 40% savings on labor costs.
  11. Managing and supporting the desktop images: With the number of images reduced, so too is the time required to fine-tune them. It’s also a 30% reduction.
  12. Application testing and provisioning:Once again, the centrality comes into play allowing all testing and provisioning to be done from one space. This creates a 25% reduction in labor costs.
  13. Managing applications: It’s doubtful that we can point out the significance of centrality any further. When your IT guys don’t have to run around all the time, they are certain to get more done. Therefore, they’ll be managing your applications from one location. Which will provide you an additional 14% reduction in labor costs.

VMware Horizon View is certainly a Valuable Business Venture

If you’re trying to cut costs and allow your IT staff and other end users to be more productive, this is the way to go. The problem with lots of PCs is that they wear out, have to be upgraded, and sometimes crash right in the middle of a big project. Therefore, when you’re given the opportunity to take some of the risk out of your business goals, it’s a good idea to grab hold with both hands. Where time and money meet, there’s Horizon View and you!

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