It’s Time for a Change to the Cloud

3/29/2015 • by Josh Topolski

We all know, by now, that a virtual desktop infrastructure can increase business continuity and productivity. In fact, we probably know that there is vast money saving potential attached to the implementation of VDIs. However, there seems to be some misinformation, or at the very least, hesitation towards using the infamous “cloud.”

No doubt part of that stems from the idea that information and apps are just floating around in cyberspace. Certainly, that can be a little (probably a lot) concerning. Yet, it’s time businesses begin to see the inherent value in limitless memory structures and the ingrained mobility offered by cloud computing and storage. Here are some things to note and ponder.

CIOs are Hesitant with the Cloud
Yes, the truth is, CIOs are hesitant about utilizing the cloud. There is this need to maintain current infrastructures and operations. People are comfortable being comfortable and change therefore is always terrifying. That’s why we see decision makers falling back on their current datacenters rather than considering new technological advancements.

CIOs’ are very protective of the way they do things and that’s been a hindrance to cloud success. Yet, change can lead to great gains personally and professionally if we’re willing to take those first steps. In this case, that step will require little more than deliberation. Just think about what the cloud has to offer.

The Cloud is Now Considered Viable
Thankfully, “the times they are a-changing.” In fact, more than half of people questioned consider the cloud a viable tool. Unfortunately, this still leaves a lot of businesses on the proverbial fence. Yet, if the decision makers would begin to evaluate cloud potential when considering implementation models, prior to starting new projects, they just might find it can save them time and money. That’s not to mention the sheer fact they could see better results as well! Indeed, the cloud is a viable option.

BYOD Implications
We live in a time where seemingly everyone participates in BYOD (bring your own device) mobility. This can be problematic when you’re operating from an in-house infrastructure. The cloud opens up vast freedoms for those willing to take the plunge. BYOD mobility is a serious development in the modern world and businesses looking to remain successful need to build applications accordingly. They’ve got to understand that mobility is more about an individual’s IT experience than a business’ infrastructure and operations. It’s got to be more about the user; it’s that simple.

When a little over half of CIOs spending ($202.5 billion) is tied to infrastructure and operations, it might be prudent to reevaluate that expenditure. The prime question then for business owners is, “Who are you working for?”
If a business is designed to be central and compact, serving only those with access to its brick and mortar structure, then by all means, continue with current datacenters and operational practices. However, if the goal is to reach the public, to be highly effective and productive, then it’s probably time to contemplate a move to the cloud.

Have you moved to the cloud? Are you thinking about it? We’d love to hear your comments and experiences. Share them with us in the comments section below!

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