Hosted VDI

Sophisticated Technology Managed For You

For a fixed monthly fee, you or your employees can use hosted VDI to login securely from anywhere

With TRiiO's cloud service, you can rest assured knowing you don’t have to worry about computer maintenance and virus protection as previously needed with hardware.
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Inclusive Support So That You Don’t Have To Worry

Hosted VDI Benefits include:

More Secure Data Data can’t be lost or wiped out by ordinary disasters like power outages, software corruption, sprinkler activation or in worst situations like major disasters. TRiiO’s data center is part of the unique enterprise of Nevada. Switch is unquestionably one of the most secure server facilities in the U.S.
Easily Expandable IT Infrastructure
Adding new locations or people? You can easily add more users working on any device. No need to acquire more software or hardware at your location.
IT Costs Vastly Reduced
TRiiO will be providing your servers and software, and you will be renting our services. This saves you the upfront cost of buying and maintaining servers and the newest software updates.
There will be no unexpected IT costs by using VDI
In the past, if a user was infected with a virus or needed their computer rebuilt, this could bring on unwanted costs. With VDI, each client has a custom desktop that can be reverted back to a default configuration by a simple reboot of the virtual desktop. This makes fixing user issues very simple. If you decide you need an additional desktop setup, this process takes a matter of minutes to get a new user up and running
IT Complications Virtually Eliminated
Our TRiiO team will be updating software, checking the servers weekly for bugs, and providing a secure environment. You won’t need to worry about system outages, downtime, hackers, or solving server problems.
All IT Under One Roof

One Hosted VDI Provider For The Entire Infrastructure

Security, Service & Support Has Never Been Easier. See What TRiiO Can Do For You

Server virtualization is the ability to run multiple computers on a single host computer. The cost normally spent on using multiple servers will be reduced to the cost of hosting multiple guest hosts, which can literally save your business thousands of dollars. Our skilled technicians will be able to monitor these servers on a 24/7 basis for maximum security and functionality.


Virtualizing your desktop will make it easier to manager personal computers, while operating multiple systems on one computer.

The user can access any hosted desktop from any location, dramatically increasing convenience and productivity.


Give your business the power to safeguard your intellectual property and information assets. Virtual desktop infrastructure is managed and monitored by TRiiO engineers 24x7x365; simplifying your support requirements and enabling you to shift focus from supporting your desktops to supporting your customers.

  • "We’ve used TRiiO’s services for the past 3 years, and have always been beyond satisfied by the level of service we’ve received. TRiiO manages our entire IT infrastructure and has become integral in the management of our day-to-day operations. TRiiO’s commitment to our business has our trust."

  • "We have used TRiiO’s hosting services for more than five years. We were very happy to have the expertise of Triio’s staff handling our network needs. What I appreciate most about TRiiO is their personal service. We are able to reach someone to take care of any issue in a timely fashion."

    --Patrice Van Dussen, Controller, Scheidegger Trading Co.
  • "As a non-profit, Little Wishes relies heavily on smooth communication and IT operations. TRiiO does just that and has been there for us from inception providing their expertise and guidance throughout our entire journey. Any issues or needs are always promptly resolved with hands-on live support. What we value most about our partnership with Triio is their compassion and desire to help our mission of bringing joy to seriously ill, hospitalized children. TRiiO has generously hosted our website for 19 years and been by our side every step of the way. We are forever grateful."

    --Laura Euphrat BSN, Little Wishes Co-Founder/CEO
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