Growing Importance of a Virtual Desktop Identified by Citrix

1/26/2015 • by Josh Topolski

Mobile devices are taking over the world. Let’s face it, everyone (well, seemingly everyone) has a smartphone or tablet, or other mobile device at his/her fingertips at any given time. Thus, it’s imperative that companies learn to take advantage of that constant access. Since employees are expected to deliver increasingly more in the technological arena, those who employ them, will need to discover a cost effective method to enable them to do so.

Growing Smartphone use Demands Desktop Access
Because employees are now required to do more than just email and Windows based activities, it’s essential that smartphones are capable of running company specific apps and accessing other desktop programs. The truth is, managing traditional desktops is excessively expensive which necessitates alternative measures. That’s where DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) comes into play.

DaaS Solution
DaaS provides the benefits of virtual desktops and eliminates the necessity for localized hardware. It’s an alternative to VDI. It provides greater flexibility than VDI by enabling desktop access to tablets and smartphones as well as laptops, thin clients, zero clients and traditional PCs.

DaaS users will have the ability to fully customize their own virtual desktops to meet their personal design needs, just like they would customize their laptops or PCs. Even more beneficial than that is the advent of a persistent-state save. This enables users to refrain from turning off their cloud-hosted desktops. In fact, they can stop in the absolute middle of a project and then log in anywhere and finish the sentence, paragraph or assignment they were last working on. Everything is persistently saved without manually having to do so!

DaaS Benefits
DaaS provides simple self-service portals to add new users and provision resources on demand. This enables subscribers to track usage, monitor system health, oversee services and send out notifications. More importantly, perhaps, is the lowered cost due to cloud-based desktop and app services. Your desktop hardware will enjoy extended life, while you’ll still have access to the latest and greatest apps and operating systems thanks to the cloud.

Security benefits are equally impressive. With simplified management and enterprise integration, your IT personnel can take care of business from one console. Integrated security and extended credentials will give you the peace of mind necessary to run your company with confidence.

Finally, it’s flexible! You can maintain an even keel between cloud based and business owned infrastructures. On premises and cloud-designed apps and desktops can be accessed through one client, and can be managed by your IT staff using the enterprise tools.

The DaaS Movement
No doubt you’ve been working on something at the office and wished you had the ability to take it with you on the bus ride home, or to finish up while your spouse watches Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Unfortunately, most of us have had to leave work at the office because there’s been an app or desktop disconnect. This is no longer the case thanks to the DaaS movement. The future is at our fingertips and now it’s on our smartphones! Desktop via pocket transportation, here we come!

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