Ensure Business Continuity with TRIIO's VDI Solution

1/26/2015 • by Josh Topolski

As a business owner, it is essential that you are prepared to protect your company’s information in disastrous situations. No matter the cause, natural or technological disasters can cause a large disruption to your company. Therefore, we’d like to show you how to ensure business continuity with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions.

Why is business continuity crucial?

Business continuity (BC) enables you to keep your business up and running in the event of something catastrophic occurring. It is a plan that enables your employees to continue business as usual, even when circumstances are not ideal.

It isn’t just a disaster recovery plan, those only help get your IT infrastructure up again. In fact, disaster recovery plans are just one aspect of a business continuity plan. The whole of a BC plan, that every aspect of your business is accessible and functioning in the event your system is compromised.

In summation, a good BC plan allows you to identify critical business functions and maintain those operations. It does this so that you can retain your customer base, while striving for future growth in the face of difficult circumstances. BC will keep you competitive when other your information would otherwise be inaccessible in the aftermath!

How can TRIIO solutions help?

Triio is a company that provides the business continuity solution you need. They can help assess risks and then formulate a plan that will lead to the least amount of glitches and interruptions possible. Their system is three fold and contains the following aspects:

VMWARE SRM - This is disaster recovery at the ease of a single click. You set up and manage your plans through their servers. In addition, site failback and failover are orchestrated automatically with one click.

Hosted Solution - They have multiple, high security data centers that can host your servers and provide redundancy.

Nimble Replication – This allows you the freedom to access a nimble storage array and a colocation within one entity. They’ll also provide off site 3rd party archiving if desired.

TRIIO's VDI solutions ensure business continuity

Every business owner understands the stress that can be caused by even imagining a catastrophe. Unfortunately, far too many spend their time imagining and not planning. BC plans are the wave of the future and will be crucial for continued business success should some other type of wave (natural or technological) try to wipe you out.

Disaster recovery in the midst of trauma will protect your clients and your assets. Data centers in other environments are key to maintaining access to your information, and multiple storage options provide a fail-safe. When you step into the entrepreneurial arena, it’s imperative that you do so knowing what you’ll do in every possible circumstance and situation. BC planning will enable you to remain at the top of your game and TRIIO's VDI solutions ensure your business continuity.

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