4 Reasons Why Organizations Should Embrace DaaS

4/30/2015 • by Josh Topolski

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) helps eradicate the need for IT professionals to walk around installing and upgrading employee computers. It allows for remote access through cloud providers so that everyone can experience the upgrades and changes at the same time! In fact, DaaS has several great benefits for your business. We’d like to share some of those with you here.

Save Money
If you are in business, you are also in the business of saving money. Desktop as a Service can save your financial portfolio on many fronts. The first notable difference is the reduced IT expenditures (both in time and personnel). Perhaps though, you’d like some more solid evidence:
• You will see a 56% annual savings on hardware capital expenditures (CAPEX) and a reduction in yearly operating expenditures (OPEX).
• DaaS and virtual desktop infrastructures will provide you with a system that is half the cost of traditional PCs’ hardware, life expectancy and power requirements.
• Finally, you will be able to reuse existing hardware without increased cost in Windows migrations.

Maximize Security
The sad truth is that personal computers are easily hacked because information is readily available on their internal hard drives. DaaS utilizes cloud storage and/or thin client software that allows for no hard drive. No hard drive means nothing to steal! You’re able to centralize sensitive data while separating it from any accessible hardware. Therefore, you can maintain complete control of corporate secrets and information.

Another security issue found in traditional office hardware set ups is the human propensity to download a virus thereby infecting the entire company’s LAN. Thankfully, cloud storage options are very difficult to infiltrate remotely. Thusly, DaaS creates very low security risks. As an aside, synchronization and continuous data backup means that you’ll maintain compliance and safety too.

Increase Mobility
DaaS will keep your remote employees connected. There are no more concerns about leaving your flash drive at the office. Instead, you can simply hibernate your work PC and then open the same programs from home (or the beach).

The true beauty of virtual desktop services is that you are capable of opening all your apps and documents from basically any mobile device, tablet, iPad or PC. And, you are not confined to Windows alone, you can also utilize a Linux operating system. Go anywhere and work anywhere, that’s what DaaS offers you on the mobility front.

Enhanced Scalability
DaaS is super flexible and offers you enhanced scalability. Traditionally, when a business sought out expansion, there was the added cost of hardware and software to consider, in addition to the personnel necessary to update all the user work spaces. Now, you can increase your company’s footprint without all the additional cost and hassle. In reality, updates take minutes now instead of months and DaaS is quickly scaled and implemented. There is a built in disaster recovery plan too.

DaaS allows you to expand your reach and make your employees mobile and productive. You will save money in hardware and personnel and you’ll know that your information is safe and secure. The benefits of implementation are vast.

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